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Parisiennes metal tins – Cocoa truffles – 200g


The “Les Parisiennes” collection is ideal for distribution channels such as concept-stores, delicatessens, duty-frees, etc.
Under the same packaging based on a trip to Paris, there is a “traditional” recipe (the Natural truffle), a “prestige” recipe (the truffle with Marc de Champagne) and two “innovative” recipes (the truffle with sparkling sugar and the Macaroon-Raspberry truffle).
The “collection” spirit is reinforced by these 4 tins whose oval shape, satin touch and elegant graphics are just as appealing as the truffle flavours inside.
A chic and stylish collection with the famous Eiffel Tower to offer delicious French cocoa truffles.

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Saveur / Flavour

Fizzy, Gingerbread, Marc of Champagne, Natural, Raspberry macaroon


To avoid any risk of melting, keep the truffles in a cool, dry place, between 15°C and 18°C.