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Gold triangular stick – Cocoa truffles – 50g


Experience the exclusivity of the Gold case, a rare and captivating format brought to you by the Mathez family.

Similar to our esteemed Gold Attack range, the Gold case unveils a unique and high-fashion universe, where indulgence meets sophistication.

At Chocolat Mathez, we continuously strive for innovation, always seeking to provide you with fresh and exciting packaging options. Today, we proudly present a small yet remarkable format that allows you to customize your experience with 50g of gourmet cocoa truffles, tailored to your preferred recipe.

Immerse yourself in the allure of the Gold case, a testament to our commitment to excellence and creativity. Its compact design not only showcases our premium chocolate truffles but also makes it an ideal choice for gifting.

Discover the extraordinary flavors encapsulated within the Gold case, carefully crafted to delight your senses and elevate your chocolate experience. Unleash your inner connoisseur and embrace the luxury of Chocolat Mathez’s world-class cocoa truffles in this distinctive packaging.

Choose the Gold case and embark on a journey of decadence and elegance. Elevate your chocolate moments with this exceptional format and savor the magic of Chocolat Mathez, where every bite is a moment to treasure.

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Saveur / Flavour

Candied orange peel, Cocoa bean, Cointreau, Cookies, Crispy, Fizzy, Gingerbread, Hazelnut, Lemon pie, Macaroon, Marc of Champagne, Natural, Nougat, Popcorn, Raspberry macaroon, Salt of Guerande, Salted butter caramel

Type de recette / Food preference

Fancy, Without palm oil


To avoid any risk of melting, keep the truffles in a cool, dry place, between 15°C and 18°C.