For starters… The Mathez story goes back to 1934 when Alaüs Mathez launched production of a high-end chocolate confection: cacao truffles, handcrafted to perfection with the highest level of quality in mind.

A sweet romanceBusinessman Eric Fischer literally falls in love with chocolate (are we surprised?) Working with artisans he expands our range of flavors, offering more and more chocolate truffles!

Another tasty developmentConstruction of a 2000m2 production site at Châteauneuf sur Sarthe.

Butter wouldn’t melt… Who’s this?
A pure cocoa butter truffle, the brand’s latest deluxe chocolate delight.

It’s only natural… …to choose a landmark year to launch our new range of organic, Fairtrade cacao truffles!

A happy eventA new production process and a new addition to the Mathez family: the creamy cacao Bûchette.

The proof is in the puddingChocolat Mathez creates a Quality Assurance hub to meet the demands of our international clientele!

Let them eat…chocolate!Storage capacity is enlarged by 1500m2, allowing for increased production. Bring on the chocolate!

Welcome to the Chocolab!Fostering even more innovation, Mathez creates an R&D hub.

Open for business!Mathez opens a shop at the production site.

Making tracksInvestment in packaging materials and new developments in tracking software.

Chocolat Mathez obtains its first IFS (International Food Standard) certification: Higher Level

Choc-a-block!The production site grows by 2500m2, bringing the total area to 5000m2.

Keeping in line……by creating a new one! A new production line whirs into action.

New kid on the blockMathez invests in packaging materials and adds a new facet to the range: “La tablette by Mathez”.

Putting the bean-to-bar high Launch of an innovative product: the Truffle Bar.

Gourmet on the go Mathez picks up on the snacking trend with handy sachets of cacao truffles to enjoy anywhere, anytime!

A new twist with CointreauCollaboration with the House of Cointreau.

Rock on!Creation of a new product: “Le Rocher by Mathez”.

Up, up and away!Launch of the snack food brand Truffee’s & Co.
Acquisition by Olivier de Macar and Marc Delsemme, both passionate about chocolate and owners of the Bruyerre chocolaterie in Belgium.

Happily ever afterFrom the marriage of Bruyerre and Mathez comes “Praleen & Co”, an assortment of pralines combining innovative flavors and packaging that’s outside the box!