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For starters… The Mathez story goes back to 1934 when Alaüs Mathez launched production of a high-end chocolate confection: cacao truffles, handcrafted to perfection with the highest level of quality in mind.

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A sweet romanceBusinessman Eric Fischer literally falls in love with chocolate (are we surprised?) Working with artisans he expands our range of flavors, offering more and more chocolate truffles!

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Another tasty developmentConstruction of a 2000m2 production site at Châteauneuf sur Sarthe.

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Butter wouldn’t melt… Who’s this?
A pure cocoa butter truffle, the brand’s latest deluxe chocolate delight.

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It’s only natural… …to choose a landmark year to launch our new range of organic, Fairtrade cacao truffles!

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A happy eventA new production process and a new addition to the Mathez family: the creamy cacao Bûchette.

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The proof is in the puddingChocolat Mathez creates a Quality Assurance hub to meet the demands of our international clientele!

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Let them eat…chocolate!Storage capacity is enlarged by 1500m2, allowing for increased production. Bring on the chocolate!

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Welcome to the Chocolab!Fostering even more innovation, Mathez creates an R&D hub.

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Open for business!Mathez opens a shop at the production site.

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Making tracksInvestment in packaging materials and new developments in tracking software.

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Chocolat Mathez obtains its first IFS (International Food Standard) certification: Higher Level

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Choc-a-block!The production site grows by 2500m2, bringing the total area to 5000m2.

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Keeping in line……by creating a new one! A new production line whirs into action.

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New kid on the blockMathez invests in packaging materials and adds a new facet to the range: “La tablette by Mathez”.

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Putting the bean-to-bar high Launch of an innovative product: the Truffle Bar.

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Gourmet on the go Mathez picks up on the snacking trend with handy sachets of cacao truffles to enjoy anywhere, anytime!

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A new twist with CointreauCollaboration with the House of Cointreau.

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Rock on!Creation of a new product: “Le Rocher by Mathez”.

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Up, up and away!Launch of the snack food brand Truffee’s & Co.
Acquisition by Olivier de Macar and Marc Delsemme, both passionate about chocolate and owners of the Bruyerre chocolaterie in Belgium.

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Happily ever afterFrom the marriage of Bruyerre and Mathez comes “Praleen & Co”, an assortment of pralines combining innovative flavors and packaging that’s outside the box!

to be continued
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