11 August 2022NewsSalon

The History of the Truffle and Chocolat Mathez company

Which is the origin of the chocolate truffle ? The chocolate truffle was invented in December 1895 by Louis Dufour, pastry chef in Chambéry (France). It is the chocolate sweetness…Read more


11 August 2022NewsSalon

Offer a cocoa truffle with coffee… with a personnalized packaging

With its subtle flavors, chocolate is the perfect match for coffee for a gourmet break or at the end of a meal. Thus, coffee accompanied by an individual chocolate is…Read more
11 August 2022NewsSalon

Chocolate truffle recipe

Ingredients (for 4 people) 60g cocoa powder 25g of butter 10 cl of single cream 250g of dark chocolate Instructions 1. Start by breaking the chocolate into pieces and then…Read more

The ‘creme de la creme’ of French expertise

The Mathez company is born

Number of countries where you’ll find our chocolate!