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Stop the disinformation : palm oil in Mathez truffles

Mathez truffles are indeed made partly from palm oil. It is this same palm oil that guarantees the creaminess, smoothness and stability of the recipe. Smoothness and melt-in-the-mouth texture because it’s a solid oil at room temperature, and stability because it resists oxidation and therefore rancidity.

Improving our recipes since 2011

Palm oil is naturally hydrogenated. So is cocoa butter, and no one is saying that eating it is bad for your health. On the other hand, industrially hydrogenated oil leads to the production of Trans fatty acids, which are very harmful to the cardiovascular system and the liver.

These fatty acids actually clog up the body. That’s why, since 2011, our Research and Development department has been developing a paste containing palm oil extracted naturally without hydrogenation.

Sustainable, environmentally-friendly pulp since 2014

Eliminating palm oil altogether would not solve all ecological problems, as it would have to be replaced by another vegetable oil, which could have equally harmful repercussions on the environment.

So it’s better to produce natural palm oil in a sustainable way. That’s why, with our cocoa supplier partners, we have set up certified traceability systems to guarantee the “zero deforestation” objective, as well as sustainable, non-invasive cultivation.

What is “sustainable” palm oil?

Sustainable” palm oil and palm kernel oil are oils produced by plantations that have been audited by independent bodies and meet the standards set by the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil), such as rigorous compliance with good social, environmental and economic practices.

The RSPO was founded in 2003. It spearheads the global campaign for environmentally-friendly palm oil production. As the initiator and leader of “sustainable” palm oil production, it is present on all fronts and in many countries.

RSPO members come from a wide variety of backgrounds:
– Palm oil growers
– Palm oil product manufacturers and retailers
– Environmental non-governmental organizations
– Non-governmental social organizations

The main objective of the RSPO is to promote the growth and use of palm oil by encouraging cooperation between the various players in the sector. 40% of the world’s palm producers are RSPO members.

In Indonesia, oil palm cultivation has generated income that has contributed significantly to the reduction of poverty and the emergence of a rural middle class. Today, over 5 million people in Indonesia depend directly on oil palm cultivation.

Not all palm oil comes from Indonesia and Malaysia. Other countries produce palm oil in a more reasoned way, such as Colombia, where local growers have set up a chain that respects organic and ecological specifications.

Things to remember

Palm oil should not be demonized. There are advantages and disadvantages to its production and consumption, but it would be ridiculous to do away with it. As part of a balanced diet, palm oil is not harmful to health.

In terms of fat content, its nutritional profile is close to that of butter. The body needs saturated fatty acids to function harmoniously. Only an excess of saturated fatty acids is harmful. On the other hand, manufacturers must commit to a production method that respects both people and nature, using a natural extraction process without hydrogenation, for the good of the planet and public health.

Chocolat Mathez has made this commitment.

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