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The History of the Truffle and Chocolat Mathez company

Which is the origin of the chocolate truffle ?

The chocolate truffle was invented in December 1895 by Louis Dufour, pastry chef in Chambéry (France). It is the chocolate sweetness of our Christmas and New Year celebrations. But did you know that the birth of this specialty is linked to chance? Indeed, this Christmas 1985, Louis Dufour lacked raw materials to elaborate his delicacies. However, he refused to buy from his chocolate colleagues. He came up with the idea of mixing fresh cream, vanilla and cocoa powder. He then incorporated this mix into melted chocolate and finally covered it with cocoa powder. This is how chocolate truffles were born and became one of the most iconic Christmas sweets.

Chocolate truffles get their name from the fact that they look a lot like mushrooms with the same name (the famous black truffle, considered one of the most luxurious ingredients in the world). However, chocolate truffles continue the “high-end” philosophy by offering a variety of rich and sophisticated flavors. As a result, chocolatiers often reserve their best ingredients for truffle design.

Chocolat Mathez, historical manufacturer of the cocoa truffle

The history of Chocolat Mathez began in 1934 when Alaüs Mathez produced delicious cocoa truffles in his small chocolate factory. Since then, Mathez has never stopped developing and innovating to seduce gourmets all over the world. From the small local player to the world leader, Mathez has always known how to preserve its traditional recipe by rigorously selecting its raw materials to guarantee an unequalled taste quality.

Today, Mathez seduces with its trendy and elegant packaging, but also with the variety of flavors that explode in the mouth, such as salted butter caramel, popcorn, cookie or raspberry macaroon: natural flavors and real crunchy chips mixed with the sweetness of cocoa truffle. Yum, we love this sweetness made in France!

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