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Chocolat Mathez knows how to match flavors, create pairings and to arouse the curiosity of taste buds. Indulge yourself with this Gourmet cocoa specialty ! Mathez Cocoa truffle, the cocoa truffle to be consumed without any moderation.

Chocolat Mathez is specialized in the production of Gourmet cocoa truffles. Mathez cocoa truffles, made up of high-end ingredients, comply with its Customers’ requirements as well as with its master Chocolatier reputation.

As a matter of fact, our cocoa beans come from the best producers of mainly in West Africa. Quality cocoa beans to produce our cocoa truffles.

Let choose a 100% French made cocoa truffle !

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Mathez company
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  • Miniature VIDEO Mathez part2 en
    13/04/2022Mathez showroom

    They were on the moon, today our small truffles are dressed up to amazingly sublimate your eyes with cacao powder. As you know, the Mathez truffles have been travelling the world for years to meet you. But since March 2020, trade shows have been cancelled … Read more

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  • Miniature article FOODEX2021 EN

    Chocolat Mathez is back on the road to trade shows ! After the "Gulfood" in Dubaï last February, Mathez truffles flew to Japan. From 9 to 12 March, Chocolat Mathez took part in the 46th edition of the Foodex trade fair in Japan, in the presence of … Read more

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  • Recette Fondant Chocolat Crème de Marrons

    FONDANT CHOCOLATE & Sweetened chestnut cream Melt for this autumnal cake recipe, which combines the flavors of chocolate with chestnut cream. Incredibly mellow , this dessert will surely become one of your classic dessert ! ingredients 400g … Read more

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Les petites Pyramides 🍂 
Avec un chocolat chaud, rien de tel que des truffes au cacao à savourer blotti(e) dans un plaid devant la TV... 😊
Jungle, Paris, Galaxy : quelle est votre préférée ?

Pyramids 🍂 
With a hot chocolate, enjoy our cocoa truffles in a plaid watching TV... 😊
What's you favorite ? 

#automne #autumn #chocolate #cacaotruffles #foodie #yummy #gourmandise #chocolat #chocolatier
Mademoiselle Chocolat ⭐
On adore ces ballotins intemporels ornés d'un petit nœud. 
Jaune, bleu, rouge, vert... Un large choix de couleurs et de saveurs disponibles 😍 


Mademoiselle Chocolat ⭐
We love these timeless ballotins with a little bow. 
Yellow, blue, red, green... A wide choice of colors and flavors 😍 

#chocolat #ballotin #truffeaucacao #foodie #yummy #cadeau #gourmandise #chocolaterie
C’est notre journée, la journée mondiale du cacao ! 😍 
On fête ça avec un petit jeu sur notre compte 🥳! 
Alors, une petite truffe pour bien démarrer le week-end ? ❤️ 

#journeemondialeducacao #journeemondialeduchocolat #worldcocoaday #truffles #chocolovers #chocolat #ballotin #madeinfrance🇫🇷 #cacaotruffles #chocolatier #chocolaterie #cocoaday #truffeaucacao #foodie #yummy
Le but est de valoriser le travail de tous les petits planteurs dans les pays producteurs de cacao. 
Alors pour célébrer cette journée, tentez de remporter ces deux mini boites Truffee's & Co : il suffit de s'abonner à notre page et d'identifier un ami gourmand 🤭 
▶ Annonce du gagnant le 07/10.


The goal is to recognize the work of all planters in cocoa producing countries. 
So to celebrate this day, try to win these two mini boxes Truffee's & Co: subscribe to our page and identify a gourmet friend 🤭 
▶ Winner announced on 07th October.

#worldcocoaday #worldchocolateday #cocoa #truffle #yummy #foodie #chocolat
Le trio Attaque Or ✨ 
Une collection haute couture, créée dans trois formats : 50g, 100g et 200g. 
📍 Disponible sur 


Gold Trio ✨ 
A "haute couture" collection, created in three sizes: 50g, 100g and 200g. 
📍 Available on

#gold #chocolate #chocolat #yummy #cacaotruffles #chocolaterie
Quand la lumière et le doré se mêlent...
Avez-vous deviné de quoi s'agit-il sur cette photo ? 🤔


When the light and the gold mix together...
Did you guess what this photo is about? 🤔

#mathez #enigme #photographie #photooftheday #picoftheday
Truffes d'Or 💫
Un étui chic et élégant, contenant différentes saveurs de truffes à l'intérieur. 


Truffes d'Or 💫
A chic and elegant paperbox, containing different flavors of cocoa truffles inside. 

#truffedor #chocolat #chocolates #food #yummy
L'incontournable ballotin ! ✨
La collection "Fantaisie Métal" est un best-seller chez Mathez ! 
A l'occasion des fêtes de fin d'année ou pour offrir un petit présent, ce ballotin est une valeur sûre!
Disponible en 100g et 250g.


A must-have ! ✨
The "Fantaisie Métal" collection is a best-seller for Mathez ! 
For Christmas or simply to offer a small present, this paperbox is a safe value!
Available in 100g and 250g.

#ballotin #chocolat #truffesauchocolat #chocolaterie #madeinfrance #chocolovers
Chocolats Mathez