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Animal metal tins – Cocoa truffles – 100g


These mini metal tins “Animals”  are a big step for Chocolat Mathez, because they allow us, for the first time, to address a child target and to offer French chocolates for Easter season. They are available in three models: rabbit, panda, caribou and fox, each containing 100g of cocoa truffles inside, with the flavor of your choice. For example, the truffle with salted butter caramel chips, the truffle with popcorn chips or the one with fizzy sugar will please the little ones… as well as adults!

Mathez cocoa truffles are made from the finest ingredients for a unique taste experience. These metal tins have beautiful ears and the snout has been replaced by a cocoa truffle.

Product features:

  • Mini metal tins 100g with cocoa truffles
  • Available in three models: rabbit, panda, caribou and fox
  • Choice of flavors
  • Made from the finest quality ingredients

If you are looking for Easter or Christmas chocolates, these boxes are sure to please !

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Saveur / Flavour

Cocoa bean, Cookies, Fizzy, Hazelnut, Lemon pie, Marc of Champagne, Popcorn, Raspberry macaroon, Salt of Guerande, Salted butter caramel, Fizzy Cola

Type de recette / Food preference

Chocolate truffle pure cocoa butter, Fancy, Without palm oil


To avoid any risk of melting, keep the truffles in a cool, dry place, between 15°C and 18°C.