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Interesting in selling our gourmet cocoa truffles worldwide ?

Whether you are an importer, a distributor, you run a gourmet shop or wish to develop your own label, Chocolat Mathez can provide you with a tailor-made solution for your yummy projects !

Our french chocolates are present
in 40 countries thanks to…

Importers & Distributors
Airlines & Luxury Hotels
Gourmet shops
Speciality food stores

Chocolat Mathez is recognized worldwide for its capacity to innovate, in particular by proposing new packaging and new flavors each year

Since 1934, Chocolat Mathez has specialized in the production of gourmet cocoa truffles. These truffles are called «Fantasy Truffles» and come in a little over 25 flavors to choose from. Melting, gourmet and cocoa some of them exist in other ranges: Pure Cocoa Butter, Organic, Fairtrade, Palm Oil Free, Gluten Free or Vegan.

Long shelf life up to 15 months
More than
30 flavors
& trendy packagings
Possibility of private label

Since the beginning, Chocolate has selected reliable and professional partners for the distribution of its cacao truffles. We are proud to tell you that today, our truffles are sold in more than 40 countries all over the world (but we know that everybody love chocolates, don’t we?)
We establish long-lasting business relationships with our French and foreign distributors, based upon common values, which are :

• The love of finest French food
• Clients’ satisfaction
• Trust in relationships

We are more than amazing cocoa
truffles !

Our truffles contain natural flavors and aromas (excepted hazelnuts) and crispy inclusions. Have you ever tasted cacao truffle with popcorn chips ? Yum ! This is a real pleasure in mouth and delights the taste buds!

Our priority is to offer you tasty products. All our suppliers are selected for the quality of the ingredients they provide. Wherever possible, we work with companies that are established in France. We use many high quality ingredients such as the salt of Guérande, salted butter caramel, nougat…

As a cacao truffles manufacturer, we are committed to health safety and quality control, regularly approved by third party audits. We have chosen to comply with IFS Food certification (International Featured Standards for Food) which is recognized worldwide and guarantees our consumers optimum quality.

…with the papers to prove it!

Food quality and safety are at the heart of what we do:
obtaining certification allows customers to savor our truffles with peace of mind.

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The absolute reference in certification required for selling our products commercially. Particularly important for export, this certification evaluates food safety and quality, as well as guaranteeing that we take our customers’ expectations into account.

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The volume of palm or palm kernel oil in our products is equivalent to the volume of palm or palm kernel oil produced by the mills and plantations with RSPO certification (renewable palm oil).

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Agriculture biologique :

100% of the agriculturally-sourced ingredients in products with this label come from organic farms.

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Fairtrade Max Havelaar :

Fairtrade/Max Havelaar helps growers and farmers benefit from fairer terms of trade and improve their living conditions, while also protecting the environment.

Become our importer or distributor,
contact us now !

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