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Mathez, “made in france” truffle expert

France and chocolate: a marriage that lasts

Our beloved France may be going through a series of crises, but there’s one area in which it hasn’t lost its superb reputation: gastronomy. French food is still the talk of the town, and we hope that history will not stop there. As a gourmet, France has developed unique expertise in the divine art of chocolate making. A symbol of luxury, it was introduced to France in 1615 at the royal wedding between the Infanta Anne of Austria and Louis XIII. It was gourmet Louis XIV who finally popularized chocolate at Versailles. Enjoyed as a beverage, this intriguing product was a hit with the French nobility. From then on, the image of French chocolate was linked to luxury and refinement. In the 19th century, chocolate was democratized and factories sprang up all over the country. Today, “made in France” chocolate remains an essential part of the French art of living, distinguished by the quality and finesse of its product.

Mathez or the subtle art of the truffle

In 1996, entrepreneur Eric Fischer visited the Mathez chocolate factory founded in 1934 by Alaüs Mathez. He fell in love, and the Mathez adventure began. Determined to get the small company off the ground, the CEO chose to specialize in a product of excellence, invented in 1895 by French confectioner Louis Dufour: the chocolate truffle. Whether traditional, with champagne, or flavored with raspberry macaroon, Mathez crafts the French chocolate truffle with a virtuosity all its own, and a constant obsession with excellence. To stand out from the crowd, Eric Fischer and his team have focused on two key elements: exploiting all the subtleties of the product, and paying particular attention to the packaging. A recipe that works, since Mathez products have become a benchmark in the world of French chocolate-making expertise.

The Mathez truffle on the international scene

In just fifteen years, the Mathez chocolate truffle has made a name for itself on the international chocolate market. Its products are sold in over 40 countries! The company owes this success to its ability to adapt to different cultures and to its presence at international trade fairs. Today, it has acquired an undeniable reputation and continues to look to new markets. And if the melting power of Mathez truffles appeals to gourmets the world over, it’s also because “made in France” chocolate sounds like a guarantee of quality to chocolate lovers. So know this: the French chocolate truffle has not said its last word…

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The ‘creme de la creme’ of French expertise

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