Our little Mathez truffles are more than ever restless…

A small step for the cocoa truffle, a big step for cocoa delicacies.

Maybe a world without trade shows this year… Never mind, Chocolat Mathez will stay in touch with you. This is our challenge for 2021.

Mathez is preparing a great surprise that promises to take all your senses on a journey. A unique and immersive experience that will release your taste buds and allow you to discover a new dimension…

The countdown has started, so… stay tuned.


A definitely crazy truffle road movie.

But what’s happening to the little Mathez truffles? This year, they are more than ever restless and have decided to leave no stone unturned to meet you… even if it means shooting for the moon 🌙

Discover the beginning of this Cocoa Odyssey.