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Cola Fizzy Snacking bag – 35g


Immerse yourself in a surprising taste experience with Truffee’s & Co’s 35g snacking bags, containing fizzy cola cocoa truffles. Created with cola flavoring and fizzy sugar inclusions, these bags promise an original gustatory adventure.

Available in a display of 12 snacking bags or in bulk of 120 bags, these French cocoa truffles will transport you to the States! Let yourself be seduced by the sweetness of cocoa and the tangy twist of cola.

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Marque / Brand

Truffee’s & Co

Gamme / Product line

Snacking (ready-to-eat)

Saveur / Flavour

Fizzy Cola


To avoid any risk of melting, keep the truffles in a cool, dry place, between 15°C and 18°C.