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A truffle that’s true…

We’re committed right down to the cocoa beans!
Mathez strictly adheres to these core values :

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Commitment n°1:

All your flavors,
you shall preserve.

What drives us? Preserving all the flavors of a French chocolate truffle with 90% of our recipes based on natural flavorings and/or crispy inclusions.

Using a chocolatier’s inspiration Mathez selects West African cocoa beans and then incorporates French regional delights: nougat, salted butter caramel…

An organic and Fairtrade line is also produced using ingredients from organic farms. Specific recipes to cater to gluten free or vegan diets have been honed so that every chocolate-lover can enjoy them, without exception.

Commitment n°2 :

Made in France, you shall remain.

Mathez is French, and proud! Our truffles are produced near Angers. And our recipe? It’s retained all its authenticity: we combine, mix, sprinkle…using the same know-how handed down since 1934.

Commitment n°3 :

In the local community,
involved you shall be.

Mathez works with ESATS to help people with disabilities get back into the workplace, donates to causes including cancer research, boosts local employment and creates ties with local businesses (web agencies, printers, graphic designers..)

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Commitment n°4 :

The planet, you shall protect.

Mathez is committed to the environment, and we’ve actioned this in a few different ways:
• Setting up of electrical terminals for cars
Bi-products from our production are put to good use as animal feed.
French and European suppliers (no supply from the Asian market)
Recycled cardboard is used to produce some of our packaging.

…with the papers to prove it!

Food quality and safety are at the heart of what we do:
obtaining certification allows customers to savor our truffles with peace of mind.

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The absolute reference in certification required for selling our products commercially. Particularly important for export, this certification evaluates food safety and quality, as well as guaranteeing that we take our customers’ expectations into account.

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The volume of palm or palm kernel oil in our products is equivalent to the volume of palm or palm kernel oil produced by the mills and plantations with RSPO certification (renewable palm oil).

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Agriculture biologique :

100% of the agriculturally-sourced ingredients in products with this label come from organic farms.

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Fairtrade Max Havelaar :

Fairtrade/Max Havelaar helps growers and farmers benefit from fairer terms of trade and improve their living conditions, while also protecting the environment.

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All about

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made in France !

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