Chocolat Mathez applies its know-how in an Organic Fairtrade version.

This Mathez recipe guarantees a unique, gourmet and ethical experience. A melting and creamy truffle that meets the rigorous criteria of the Organic and Fair Trade market.

For this range, six truffle recipes have been created: plain, salted butter caramel, hazelnuts, chocolate chips, candied orange peels and crispy. These variations are to be found in the following collections: “Kraft Organic Cases”, “Flowpacks” and “Bulk”.

Recently, a new healthy snacking concept “La Truffles Bar Organic” have been added to the range.

Cocoa, sugar, vanilla : grown and marketed in accordance with Fairtrade / Max Havelaar fair trade standards. 75% of the total weight. Cocoa, sugar: the mass balance is used to correspond to the volume purchased under Fairtrade / Max Havelaar conditions. .

A unique and ethical experience.