Chocolat Mathez, French Chocolate Creator

Chocolate trufflesChocolat Mathez, started in 1934 by Alaüs Mathez quickly became market leader and recognized as specialist in the manufacture of fine French dusted truffles worldwide. We are proud to sell our products in more than 50 countries and bring a little taste from West of France thanks to our philosophy that brings passion, innovation and creativity to the entire product development and delivery life cycle; spanning new product development to logistics. Chocolat Mathez uses only high quality products carefully selected to enhance taste and feelings. Different recipes, Flavour mix, several sizes available from greedy bites to mini truffles that is perfect as an accompaniment to coffee: Few grams of pleasure for gourmet moments!

Chocolate truffles will make delicious any moment of the day, any day of the year! It’s also a sweet gift to celebrate Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Birthdays or just to offer some seconds of pleasure to your best friend or lover! Chocolate truffles are made of chocolate ganache – a mixture of chocolate and cream that is melted together – that is rolled into balls. The most traditional type of chocolate truffle is then rolled in cocoa powder.

Chocolat Mathez, Fabricante Chocolate FrancesTraditional truffles are usually prized for their flavor and rarity, this delicacy actually get its name from that classic, cocoa powder coating – not because they contain actual truffles – but because that cocoa powder on the round chocolates looks a lot like the dirt on similarly round truffles freshly pulled from the earth.

cacao trufflesDiscover famous chocolate universe of Mathez and enjoy in the intense taste of cocoa! Our subtle and alluring flavours are revealing our amazing and exceptional French traditional recipe. The taste of the finest gourmets! We propose different recipes and flavours: Salty Butter Caramel, Zest of orange, Red fruits, Crumble, Marc de Champagne, Praline, Raspberry, Macaroon, Cookies… All these tastes will play with your inspiration and childhood memory. Preciously packed in our wide range of luxury metal or boxes collections, that will fit any moment and people.

Organic products that of course comply with ECOCERT and Fairtrade organic certifications are also available in several standard flavours. Our organic truffles exhibits the result of the union of imagination and the finest quality of raw materials that comes from organic farming.

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