Producer of traditional chocolate truffles

CHOCOLAT MATHEZ Cpy, founded in 1934, is a French Chocolate Company specialized in the production of Gourmet chocolate truffles.

Chocolate truffle specialist

Let discover our World of Gourmet Chocolate truffles developed according to our creative recipes for the delight of Connoisseurs. Selecting only premium ingredients, Chocolat Mathez enhances its French traditional recipe with subtle and attractive flavours for unique tasty chocolate truffles. It is these unique recipes that make Mathez, a chocolate seller and distributor known in many countries.

French chocolate company

Our chocolate truffle brand allows all gourmet retailers and distributors to buy our exceptional products to sell them in their country.
Mathez, chocolate truffle distributors with multiple recipes and packaging will meet your expectations!

Packaging adapted to all customers

Our truffles are offered in various types of elegant packagings (tins, paper boxes, Flowpacks, snack packagings), so as to fit the needs and requirements of our Customers. 

Let yourself be tempted by our products and buy our exceptional chocolate truffles Made in France.

Tablette de chocolat noir aux truffes
Who are our customers?

All professionals wishing to sell chocolate truffles

The importers/distributors of Premium food, high end supermarkets, Gourmet shops, Concept stores, Luxury hotels, airlines…

Are you a chocolate seller? You want to buy, import and distribute French gourmet chocolate truffles ? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our know-how and passion as Master Chocolatier make us proud to sell our Gourmet chocolate truffles in more than 50 countries.

Also discover our range of organic chocolate that will satisfy all organic chocolate lovers.

Chocolate truffles for all occasions

Every moment has its Chocolat Mathez chocolate truffle:  whatever it is, Christmas, Mother’s day, Saint Valentine, birthdays or just to be tasted with your best friend or beloved.

Just discover Chocolat Mathez’s World of Gourmet chocolate truffles and enjoy the cacao intense taste. 

Mathez engagements
truffle bar chocolate
Truffle bar sans huile de palme
You want to purchase our chocolate truffles ?
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Who is Mathez ?
Chocolate truffle specialiste
French chocolate company
Flavour creator
Worl seller : we export our product in more than 150 countries !
Chocolat Mathez offers you tasty and creative world gourmet chocolate truffles
Why you should choose Chocolate Mathez ?
Chocolat Mathez offers you tasty and creative world gourmet chocolate truffles
Our product
french Chocolate truffles
100% made in France : we guarantee you the best of french quality
Choose the packaging and the weight you like : you can compose your truffle box as you want
More then 20 flavours
New collections every year : you won't get bored !
99% of Mathez customers approve the quality of your products
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Les chiffes clés de l'entreprise
Who can buy our products ?
Fine Foodshop
Supermarket Chain

You are an individual ? You want to know where to purchase our truffle in your city ? Contact us here

Chocolat Mathez offers you tasty and creative world gourmet chocolate truffles
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La boutique Mathez vous confectionne des paniers garnis sur mesure correspondant à tous vos besoins. Spécialiste dans la truffe au cacao, Chocolat Mathez vous propose des produits de qualité pour tous les budgets.

Ne manquez pas l’occasion d’offrir des produits locaux et gourmands pour faire plaisir à tous vos collaborateurs et vos clients.

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