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Chocolat Mathez
Producer of traditional chocolate truffles

  • Gourmet chocolate truffles
  • Creative recipes
  • Various types of elegant packagings

100% Made in france

More than 30 recipes

100% natural flavors

Chocolate truffles

A tasty and gourmet product

Chocolat Mathez offers Gourmet chocolate truffles made up of high-end ingredients and natural flavours. Aware of its responsibility towards its customers to manufacture and market safe and regulatory products, Chocolat Mathez produces its truffles with rigorously selected raw materials and meeting a high sensory and gustatory quality. 8 ranges of truffles are to be discovered: conventional, organic, fair trade, pure chocolate, palm oil free, gluten free, vegan and RSPO Palm Truffles.

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Chocolat Mathez

French Chocolate Company since 1934

CHOCOLAT MATHEZ Cpy, founded in 1934, is a French Chocolate Company specialized in the production of Gourmet chocolate truffles. Our truffles are offered in various types of elegant packagings (metal tins, paper boxes, flowpacks and snack packagings), so as to fit the needs and requirements of our Customers. These unique recipes make Mathez, a chocolate seller and distributor known in more than 50 countries.

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Creator of packaging

Discover a wide range of packaging collections, paper boxes, flowpacks, metal tins, but also in bulk, or snack packaging, discover all our collections here.

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    Un petit cocktail frais et fruité, accompagné de quelques truffes... c'est ça le bonheur ! 😍 


A fresh and fruity little cocktail with a few cocoa truffles... that's happiness! 😍 

#truffesauchocolat #chocolat #chocolaterie #madeinfrance #foodstagram #yummy
    Dans la famille Mathez, je demande... la truffe tarte au citron ! 🍋 


In the Mathez family, I ask... the lemon pie truffle! 🍋 

#tarteaucitron #lemonpie #chocolatier #personnage #truffeauchocolat #chocolovers
    On ne peut pas dire que l'été soit ennuyeux pour nos petites truffes ! Et vous, quoi de prévu au programme en Août ? 


We can't say that summer is boring for our little truffles! And you, what's on the agenda for August? 

#chocolaterie #truffes #chocolat #foodie #chocolovers #chocolatetruffle #gourmandise #madeinfrance
    Delicious cacao truffles for this summer ☀️🌊

#foodlover #foodie #chocolat #chocolover #summer #yummy #foodstagram #cacao #gourmandise #madeinfrance #chocolates #chocolatier #mathez
    Avec ce produit, Chocolat Mathez joue la carte du 100% français !  Le sachet vous accompagne toute la journée grâce à ses 6 petites truffes. Trois recettes sont proposées : nature, noisette et caramel... le tout décliné dans les coloris bleu-blanc-rouge ! 🇫🇷

With this product, Chocolat Mathez plays the French card!  The bag goes with you all day long thanks to its 6 truffles. Three recipes available : plain, hazelnut and caramel... all declined in blue-white-red colors! 🇫🇷

#snacking #frenchtaste #frenchfood #frenchsnack #gourmandise #chocolovers #foodie #chocolaterie #snacktime
    La Truffles bar, un en-cas chocolaté à glisser partout avec soi ! Miam, on adore ❤


The Truffles bar, a chocolate snack to take everywhere with you! Yum, we love it ❤ 

#chocolate #foodlover #snack #snacking #mathez #chocolovers #chocolat #truffe #encas
    Mathez x Cointreau

Chocolat Mathez vous propose un voyage gustatif en Anjou, en collaborant avec la distillerie @cointreau. 
Cette fameuse liqueur française, à base d’écorces d’orange, se marie parfaitement à la truffe au cacao Mathez.
Un subtil mélange qui saura combler les papilles des plus fins gourmets.


Mathez x Cointreau

Chocolat Mathez offers you a tasty trip in Anjou, by collaborating with the distillery @cointreau. 
This famous French liqueur, made from orange peel, matches with Mathez cocoa truffles.
A subtle combination that satisfies the taste buds of the finest gourmets.

#cointreau #truffeaucointreau #chocolovers #yummy #foodstagram #chocolat
    Les truffes vous font voyager!
Vers quelle destination allez-vous vous envoler : Paris ou New-York ? 🛩 


Truffles make you travel!
What will be your destination: Paris or New York? 🛩 

#paris #newyork #travel #chocolate #frenchchocolates #chocolatier #truffesauchocolat #gourmand #foodstagram
    Chocolats Mathez